I will keep you in perfect peace as you fix your mind upon me. Peace is the result of redirecting your thoughts to my resurrection glory instead of the things of the world. Release the continual drama and the images that fill your mind right now. Let go of the feelings that engage your fears and uncertainty about tomorrow. Please do not focus your attention on the things that rob your peace but trust me to take care of you. As your mind wanders in all directions, bring your thoughts back to me as your good Shepherd and King. (Calming My Restless Mind)

Let me be the object of your faith and trust. I am the one who creates and orchestrates the stars and moon in the night sky. May you meditate and focus on “being aware of my presence” to calm your heart and soul. I encourage you to live in the Holy Now, which is the forever now of my presence. You can experience my absolute love and peace in that sacred moment. I am always there, but you must be aware of it and engage your whole being in acquiring peace of mind. It only lasts for a moment and must be sought after moment by moment till it is a pattern and way of life. Take heart; I have overcome the darkness of the world. (Practicing the Presence of God is Simple but not Easy)

You can learn to still your body and soul in my presence. Your mind is seldom at peace in the churn and activity of the day. Learn how to look for moments of joy, spontaneous wonder, and gratitude throughout your day. At those times, be aware of my abiding presence in space and time, and may you be mindful of my perfect peace. In those divine moments, you live in communion with me.

No longer feel detached from me but live with the promise of living in complete harmony with me. I promised those who focused on me would experience peace of mind in a crazy world. You think and believe the world revolves around you, but there is real life beyond yourself when you have faith in me. You no longer need to feel separated and alone but connected with me through my resurrection, hope, and glory.

Seek Me with your whole heart, knowing I offer you peace, not of this world. It is a peace found in the Holy Now and must be sought after time and time again. In those sacred moments, you can discover my peace and spirit that sustains everything that exists. (Be Still and “Be”)

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you! Isaiah 26:3 NLT

Identify the things that continuously rob your peace and joy. Our minds never turn off and always seek to keep us safe and secure. We experience peace of mind in the present moment. The past and future are perceptions of time, keeping us from focusing on the most crucial time right now. You may learn to breathe and focus your attention entirely upon God moment by moment. It is only in the present moment that you will experience peace. You may use scripture or a prayer repeatedly to focus on God in the Holy Now.

Lord Jesus, I trust in you. Slowly repeat in your mind Lord Jesus, I trust in you. As you slowly repeat it, let your mind focus on the present moment letting go and releasing all your cares and concerns. Let faith and hope begin to replace your fear and worry. Lord Jesus, I trust in you (for everything). Lord Jesus, I trust in you. Lord Jesus—-

Image by CAC