“You see, at the beginning of the world, we walked and talked together during the cool of the day. In the silence of the Garden of Eden, we simply relished each other’s company.” 
                                 ~In the Presence of Jesus 


Call to me, and I will answer you; I will tell you wonderful and marvelous things that you know nothing about.
                                                                           ~Jeremiah 33:3                                                                 

As a little boy spending the night at my grandparent’s house, I vividly remember praying and talking to God.
 I don’t know what started it, but my grandmother probably told me to give thanks for everything that was important to me before I went to sleep. I grew up attending a church, but I don’t recall praying or talking to God about anything before that night. As she turned the light out in my room, I remember like it was yesterday laying there, thanking God for everything I could think of! It seemed as natural as talking to one of my friends. It was innocent, without any pretense, and without any intention to get something in return. I’ve never forgotten the sense of peace I felt that night. (The Gentle Whisper of God)

There are so many barriers, so much confusion, and so many theological and even scientific questions about prayer – from what it does to what it should be to who it benefits. I don’t have a lot of answers about the logistics of prayer except to tell you that at this point in my life, I still need that same intimacy I felt over sixty years ago. I remember feeling loved, safe, secure, and surrounded by the presence of God as I prayed as a child in that bedroom at my grandparent’s house. As a Christian, when I pray today, I simply focus on the presence of Jesus. I still trust and believe in a loving God who is interested in having one-on-one talks with me every day. (I am with You and Will Watch over You)

In His presence, I often feel that same sense of love and security, but in those moments of prayer, I also discover meaning and specific answers for me in my times of trouble. This week I want to challenge you to get alone and spend some time talking and listening to God. Try to approach prayer like a child, and simply tell Jesus what you are thankful for as you go throughout your day and when you go to bed each night. And yes, although I have had moments in my 70 some years when I wondered if He was really listening, every fiber of my being still draws me back toward the truth that I walk hand in hand with the One who loves me most.

Co-writer Matt Litton