When I focus on the future, hoping it will bring satisfaction and meaning, I might be chasing ghosts. But unfortunately, the future is an illusion that resides only in the fantasy of my mind. Therefore, I will never experience the excitement of being fully alive by continually focusing and longing for the future.

The present moment is the only time that exists, and my greatest need is to live mindful of that spiritual truth. But instead, I reject that truth and worry about what will happen to me repeatedly in my thoughts. (Missing Out on the Presence of God)

Today I purposely plan to enjoy being alive in every moment by practicing the presence of God. The “Eternal Now” is the center of my life, and I consciously savor every second of life. I live in the now by experiencing breathtaking sunsets and the beauty of creation every day instead of thinking I will enjoy them someday when I take a vacation. I live in the moment when I pay full attention to the details of what I am experiencing right now.

You and I share the exact moment we are living in right now. I experience it like no one else does. You and I are the only one who determines what it feels like to be alive. As you drive home today, look for something new, something you’ve never seen before on your drive. Practice the wonderment of the now and what is happening at this moment. Stop, take a deep breath, and realize you are also present with God. (Practicing the Presence of God is Simple but not Easy)

Each moment is a moment of opportunity for renewal with God. When I encounter God with a deep awareness of His presence, I am mindful of my love for everyone and my connection to everything in creation. When I take care of the present moment, I have learned that my past and future will take care of themselves. The present moment has never happened before and will never happen again. God is the God of the now, not the past or future.

Stop chasing the ghosts of the past and future and live fully in the now.

Be Still and Know I am God. Psalm 46:10