Dear Jesus, may I be still and aware that Your enduring love is always present and waiting on me.


Today, I want to remind you of your truest story. I want you to remember what it really means to be human. You see, at the beginning of the world, we walked and talked together during the cool of the day. In the silence of the Garden of Eden, we simply relished each other’s company. And you were beginning to discover the joy of living and to recognize the goodness of the natural world all around you. Everything that was Mine was truly yours, and none of your needs would ever go unmet.

But then, you chose to stop trusting Me to care for you. When I came to talk, you ran away and hid from Me. You became consumed with what you thought was best for you, what you needed to own or accomplish, how you needed to look or talk, what you needed to kill or conquer in order to find joy and fulfillment. And then, as the years went by, you filled your world with just enough noise to distract you from My voice. You created a distance between us that broke My heart. (I am Waiting for your Return to Me)

Let Me remind you about the Story that is so much greater than your choice to go and hide from Me in your sin and shame. From the very moment you decided on this great estrangement, I began working to bring your heart back to Me. From that day, I set in motion My divine conspiracy to return you to the silence and intimacy of our walks together in Eden. I have longed for you to once again rest in My love.  

It is now time for you to let go of all the things you have used to separate us. I challenge you this day to truly understand that I have already forgiven you for everything. When you ran from My love, I chased after you all the way to the cross. I sacrificed everything so we could be together again. Remember My words? “It is finished!”

The only thing that can keep you from My love is you, but you will have to work very hard to avoid My loving reach. I long for you to rediscover how deeply I want to be with you and once again trust that I am better than anything this world has to offer you. I want you to remember how we lived in joyful communion in the sanctuary of Eden before the world of artificial noise and chaos distracted you. My creation was good. Your life was good. You were good. 

My deepest desire is to restore that heart-to-heart connection between us. I want you to intimately experience Me, moment by moment, in the goodness of the Holy Now. Yes, I can make you good again. And so, My child, come to Me this very moment to rediscover the quiet of the Garden, where your heart is no longer separated from My presence . . . where you can once again hear My voice.


The Creator of the universe wants to come to you in silence. The first pages of the Bible remind you of what it truly means to be human. You were created to live in communion with God and walk with Him daily. Yes, you may have made sinful choices in your life, just like Adam and Eve, causing you to be separated from God. But remember that the Bible is the Love Story of how God is eternally pursuing you. He desires the same intimacy you once experienced together in the Garden. Today, this very moment, God wants you to stop hiding in shame. He asks you to stop covering up your pain with the noise of the world. He is waiting for you to find Him in the silence. He will be there with you. What has made you run from Him? Where can you find the silence of His presence in your life today? Where can you go to hear Christ’s voice calling to you?

Lord Jesus, walk with me today in the silence of the Garden and help me hear Your voice. Forgive me for not fully trusting You and for disobeying You time and time again. Reassure me of Your unconditional love and forgiveness in the moments I want to hide from You. Help me to find joy and contentment in Your presence. Amen.

May Jesus remind you that your deepest purpose is to commune with Him. May you know He delights in simply walking with you throughout the day. May you hear His voice calling you back to the silence of the Garden.

Image via Pixabay