The word “practice” does not have the same meaning as practicing a sport or routine to perform at a peak level. The practice of mindful Christianity and contemplative prayer is the discipline of energizing our minds to be present in an instant and to have the awareness that God is with us now. It is the practice of being aware of Christ’s presence living in us and connected with every facet of our lives.

The practice of mindful Christianity understands the flesh and the ego desire to control every aspect of our lives through our thoughts. It also comprehends we cannot force ourselves to change our behavior. There’s no way to will your mind to be relaxed and calm. (What is Mindful Christianity?)

The practice of mindful Christianity invites us to interface our thoughts and feelings with God by releasing them moment by moment to center our thoughts upon God. We center our minds and hearts on the nature of God in the here and now. It is the process of being mindful God is the Eternal Now of all that exists.

In the silence when we practice living in the presence of God, there is a calming effect upon our lives.  When we let go of the feelings of guilt from our past and recognize the future only exists in our mind our thoughts and fears decrease proportionately. When I live in the moment aware of God’s presence, I’m learning to let the opinions of my past go and not take on future worries which do not even exist. There are peace and contentment found in the awareness of the presence of Christ in our lives and that we are an integral member of his body and his eternal plan for all creation.

In practicing the moment, we take each moment of life as it comes pleasant or unpleasant, troubling or peaceful, and we deal with each of them to the best of our ability. As we practice daily living in the moment, it becomes a way of life. Even though it’s a practice of living each moment it becomes part of you and is your teacher and guide as you walk with God through the journey we call life.

Image via Pixabay