There is the belief for hundreds of years there may be no other planet like ours in the universe, but now with the Hubble telescope orbiting the earth, there is the possibility there may be numerous planets like ours in existence. When you think about it for a moment, either option is quite astonishing.  God transcends the universe and created order.

There are numerous paradoxes and mysteries concerning human life. There is the thinking we exist autonomous of everything in the world but also with the strong possibility that there is a God or power that transcends the universe.  The view from the Hubble telescope should cause us to fall on our knees in jaw-dropping awe of the creation.

The Christian faith assumes humanity is spiritually blind to any outside transcendent source and believes the events in the world center around us oblivious of God’s presence and love. For the Christian, salvation is the gift of having our spiritual eyes opened, so we perceive life beyond our limited human perspective. It is a gift in perception that makes us aware of the image of God planted in the DNA of our soul so our heart and mind may reunite with the triune God. Through the revelation of the resurrected Messiah, the spirit of God is living and present within you and me.

The kingdom of Heaven is no longer an ideal place out there somewhere I will go when I die because the living Christ resides in my heart here and now. (When does the Kingdom of God come to earth?)Luke declares, “The kingdom of God is within you.” God’s spirit is a guest resident living and dwelling in us now and forever.

The divine mystery is I am a partaker of Gods spirit no longer autonomous but enveloped in His presence. I am not God, but I am more than mere flesh and blood. I no longer live isolated and alienated from the Creator. I live in harmony with God and creation. I no longer am just a drop of water in the ocean of God’s love, but the ocean of God’s love is in me. I am one with Christ and live united in Him moment by moment in His presence. I am the reflection of the Son of God and live with eternity as a part of the fabric of my soul.

The prison door of my soul is now open wide, and I am bound no longer in the darkness, but now walk in the awareness of the marvelous light in the knowledge God transcends the universe and created order.

Image via Pixabay