I am forever ready to help and be present with you during your times of trouble. The issue is, will you let me? I have told you anyone who tries to save their life would lose it, and anyone who loses their life in me will find it. The problem is you know too much or think you can direct your life better than me. Trusting and letting me help change the course of your life only comes about when your ability to save yourself is exhausted.

Like the person drowning in the water thrashing and floundering, the result will be a rescuer will keep their distance from them until they stop struggling to stay afloat. The key to their survival is letting go and stopping fighting the one who is attempting to rescue them. As long as they are resisting, they may grab the one trying to save them and drown them also in the process. A drowning person is not ready to be rescued until they are exhausted from trying to save themselves and be willing to give up.

There are circumstances in life you can’t fix and control. There are times there is no way to understand or explain what is happening. In those moments, the ego/ flesh must give up control to trust me because there is no solution found in you. You will find my peace, for, in those moments, you will discover my presence and comfort as never before. Let me help when you feel you can’t handle life any longer.

Scripture: “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.” Mathew 16:25 NIV

Image Via Pixabay