God’s love seeks to reconcile and restore us to the indescribable beauty of the kingdom of God. Jesus revealed the glory of God to the apostle Paul, and he realized Christ is alive here and now living within us. Paul’s conversion was an incredible change where his heart was no longer obsessed with the things of this world but possessed by a new reality, a heavenly kingdom from above now dwelling in his heart. It was the revelation God loves us and desires to give us the best. Paul understood the absurdity of trusting that he could make better decisions than God’s will for his life.

The good news is the kingdom of God is already here, and all we need to do is make ourselves open and aware of God’s divine presence at every moment. Let go of the cares of the world and the need to control your life. Release your fears into the hands of God, who is an infinite source of love to be your provision. You can trust God knows what is best for you. (God is Always Present)

Meditate in your mind on the words of Psalm 23:1, “The Lord is my Shepherd I have everything I need.”

Scripture reference: 2 Corinthians 12:2 “I was caught up to the third heaven fourteen years ago. Whether I was in my body or out of my body, I don’t know–only God knows.”

Image via Pixabay