Life is one continuous moment, one moment after another moment, uninterrupted until we die. Our life adventure consists of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and the years unraveling at an alarming speed. I ask you, “What is the most significant moment you experienced today or last week? Are you aware of anything that you deeply experienced, appreciated, and cherished in your life recently?

I must be honest my smartphone and tablet preoccupy most of my waking hours with the absurd interaction of absolutely nothing but the mundane. I tell myself that my family is the most critical priority in my life, but do they believe it when I am around them. Do I let my problems and preoccupation with my life get in the way? I admit my phone wins the majority of the time.

I encourage you to articulate what you desire most from life. Who are the people in your life you care about most? Have you taken steps to make them aware of what they mean to you and what your life would be like without them? (If not Now, When?)

I encourage you to live mindful of the present moment and to practice being fully alive in the present moment. I challenge you to be acutely aware of yourself, God, and others around you. Don’t live mindlessly today or for another second. Live every moment of life mindful of its significance. Once again, what do you value and love most in your life? Be aware of how much you live your life isolated from others. Please be conscious of that fact every second you have breath. Tell someone today how much you love them at the moment.

Photo: Esther Vargis