Samuel Clemens, the American icon Mark Twain no doubt penned these words after losing a beloved four-legged member of the family. It is the sentiment dog owners acquire after they adopt a Heinz fifty -seven or purebred into their life. These friends reflect the love of God better than any other beings on earth. They are color blind and oblivious to social status. It is their unconditional love for us which consume and stir our heart. Those who doubt a God ponder looking in their eyes; I might believe in a God like this.

The obituary reads: Bailey Bane eleven- year -old golden retriever after suffering for a short time peacefully put to sleep on Friday, August 29th at 3:00 P.M. Because of age, his fifteen -year -old brother mix Baron joined him. The grieving parents Paul and Cathy knew their health and age issues might intersect at the same time. They never dreamed of the gut rendering decision they would encounter in that coming true.

They wish to convey to their friends and community what kind of children they were blessed to have in their home. It didn’t matter what was for breakfast. The kids didn’t care for the coffee, but the broken pieces of toast shared every morning were like sweet communion. When coming home from work, it was like clockwork always the same ritual. Peering out separate windows above the garage, two happy faces howling with excitement and anticipation greeted us.

Opening the back door wagging tails engaged us with the message welcome home, and we love you. Do you want to share some of our love right now? It’s as if they understood that if we spent the day feeling unwanted, unappreciated, and unloved, they wanted us to be sure we knew they loved us. Even when we were angry, they sit silently by our chair and let us know they were there for us. They loved us when we were unloving to them. Even sick and not feeling well, they still tried to please and bring pleasure. (When you Feel Unwanted and Unloved)

Cathy and especially Paul is troubled why he and other people grieve more over the loss of these adopted children than sometimes their flesh and blood. He has an answer. These children are always in the present now. They never live in the past or the future. They are not worried about what happened yesterday or what tomorrow brings. They are naturally present with us every moment we are around them. They are constant loving companions that always focused on our needs. Their eyes follow every movement with anticipation and action. They never leave us or forsake us. They never judge us or critique us. They are just there present with us at all times. Everywhere we go, they want to be there with us. In thunderstorms, they especially like us close.

And when they are no longer with us, we have lost the most loyal and devoted friends. Come to think of it that is the message conveyed on the cross of Christ. God is with us at all times. And yes, we will join Bailey and Baron in heaven.