Even before the very beginning of the world, I could not wait to walk arm in arm with you each day, to hear your voice, to see your smile, and to offer you, My embrace.

                    ~ In the Presence of Jesus by Paul Bane and Matt Litton


Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12                     

We tend to downplay the power of our smile and its ability to transform both our inner and outward perspectives on life. A smile is disarming and can easily change what people perceive and feel about us. It can go a long way to creating a positive atmosphere that makes us approachable and helps us heal our feelings of loneliness. But our bodies also react in a positive way when we smile. Studies show that the act of smiling can actually lift our own mood. (Healing a Sarcastic and Critical Spirit)

Another powerful way a simple smile can make a huge impact is during an emotional crisis. We can choose to pause, sit back, and smile at our current circumstances when things are intense. A simple smile is a positive way to relieve the tension and anxiety we may feel. (Of course, there are many times when a smile isn’t appropriate at all). But just remember that a smile at just the right moment can help us focus our awareness on God and relax and calm us and the people around us. The act of smiling doesn’t dismiss our feelings, but it does help us acknowledge them, and the act of smiling is a simple physical expression of the truth that our circumstances and feelings don’t have control over us! (We all Need a Pause Button in Life)

So, this week be intentional to find time each day to stop, smile, and acknowledge the profound spiritual truth found in that simple human act of expression – that you are not at the mercy of the cares of this world that may be weighing you down.

Co-writer Matt Litton