Dear Jesus, may I be still and aware of Your healing power and forgiving love that are present with me in this Holy Now.

My child, everyone makes mistakes. If you have been feeling sorry for yourself today or spent time beating yourself up because you’ve messed up, I want to assure you nothing you can ever do will separate you from My love. In fact, all your faults and missteps put you in good company. If you don’t think so, let Me remind you about a few of My favorite people. 

Abraham, who was called the father of nations, lied about his wife twice instead of trusting My Father. Moses, whom My Father used to deliver the Israelites from slavery, murdered an Egyptian, but he didn’t just stop there. He also ran away and begged God to find someone “more qualified” to speak with Pharaoh after being commanded to do the job. Jonah refused to deliver My Father’s message to a city because of his own selfishness, and he needed three nights inside a fish to be convinced otherwise. Elijah, the man who saw My Father bring fire down from the sky, actually hid in a cave when things were tough. And then there is Peter, one of My closest friends, who failed after boasting to everyone that he would never deny knowing Me.  Just read the list of people included in My own family tree, compiled by Matthew, and you will find liars, adulterers, murderers, and even a prostitute—people who made big mistakes at some point in their lives. So whenever you’re tempted to feel as if you are too broken or just too messed up to fit into My plans for you, open the pages of My Word, and really pay attention to the lives of the people who did the biggest miracles and accomplished incredible feats in My name.

Now, let’s focus on you and your mistakes today. Instead of repeating over and over what you did wrong, just turn it over to Me and forgive yourself. I have told you I am not interested in your past. I only want you to be ready to follow Me right now. To listen to My voice and accept My love. I have forgiven you, and I am restoring and renewing everything in creation—especially you. I only need your willingness to take My hand and move forward into a life of freedom. (Break Open and Blossom in Life)

If you will surrender your mistakes to Me, I will take and use them to make you better. Your failures will help Me build My Kingdom and redeem the world. Remember that Peter, My disciple who denied Me three times, was exactly who I chose to be the foundation on which I built My church. So don’t let your failures and slipups overwhelm you. Don’t let your mistakes define you and separate you from Me. I only want you to find your identity in Me, the One who loves you completely, mistakes and all. 

Everyone makes mistakes. The difference is that the people of God embrace forgiveness and move on from those mistakes. Consider how you have allowed your mistakes to define your life. Think about the fact that God says He doesn’t even remember your sins. What do you have in common with the Bible characters who messed up? Have you fallen down or missed the mark in an area of your life? Surrender your mistakes to God and forgive yourself. Then you can get back up and move forward, trusting Jesus to lead you.

Lord Jesus, take my sins, my mistakes, and my failures, and use them for Your purpose. I am grateful for Your forgiveness today. Please help me to respond to Your grace by getting up and moving forward, following Your calling and purpose for my life. Amen.

May you be emboldened by the truth that the heroes of the Bible were people who made huge mistakes. May you live your life today fully present in each moment, pursuing God’s calling for you, redeemed by the forgiveness and grace of the resurrected Jesus.

Image via Pixabay