Years ago, I knew I was in desperate need of getting alone with God to recharge my spiritual batteries and to listen for his voice. So I began studying the contemplatives, the mystics, and the misfits the church frowned upon throughout its history. I wanted to discover how to meditate and quiet my spirit and soul in the presence of God. I was not seeking a new experience or revelation but looking for a way of gaining sanity and simplifying my life.

I needed a venue to quiet the swirling thoughts in my mind to focus the thoughts of my heart and soul upon God. (A Sacred Word Quiets my Mind to Pay Attention to God) I didn’t tell anybody about what I was doing. I was a pastor, and after thirty years of ministry, I was in a spiritual wasteland. I became aware my religious background had not provided a significant way of quieting the noise and constant chatter in my head to hear God. So I sought a way out of my desert experience to look for an oasis of living water.

When I started, I spent time reading various methods to meditate, be mindful, and practice solitude. I told very few friends what I was doing, for it was not about them; it was about me finding solace in my heart and soul. I was old and wise enough that I wasn’t going to say anything about it until I found out if becoming silent would work for me. I uncovered that contemplation could be taught and modeled, but it must be primarily caught by those hungry for intimacy and peace with God in the silence. (Practicing the Presence of God is Simple but not Easy)

One of the first things I realized was my comprehension of Scripture, and personal bias had kept me in the dark for nearly thirty years of opening myself to the experience of God and contemplative prayer. So I knew as I started that only a few people would appreciate what I found because each of us has different and unique experiences.

I am a novice in contemplation and living moment by moment in the awareness and presence of the eternal now of God. I am not an authority, but I have found spiritual bread in mindful living and contemplation. I saw the timeless beauty and richness of Christ in the present moment when everything else in my life was moving so fast and out of control. The truth is the faster life becomes, the more important living in the present moment is so we can spend the priceless time we have with God and not lose touch with His presence.

I appreciate that most will not comprehend or understand what I’m talking about because I was nearly fifty years old before my eyes finally opened. So I do not need to convince anyone that I’m right or they are wrong. I only try to share the positive impact of being mindful in a mindless world. By keeping it simple, I understand I still have the same struggles as everyone else. I’m still a bear to live with at times, and I have to be diligent at staying mindful.

However, I am fortunate that I have learned how to let go and release the negativity that tries to control my life. I am learning not to make political intrigue and religious debates torment my mind. I keep it simple because I need to keep it simple, and I live in peace with myself, others, and with God because of it. So I’m keeping Mindful Christianity simple.

Image via Pixababy