If I could wish you anything, my desire is for you to experience the divine reality the prophet Isaiah described as the heavenly throne room of God. I looked and reflected upon a remarkable scene, where I contemplated you, and I am made for God’s enjoyment and to dwell in union with God and with each other forever. (Divine Partakers) I hope you may open your heart like me when I saw God high and lifted up and encounter the personal and life-giving creator of the universe.

The Christian life is a personal relationship with Christ and living in peace with God, and by learning to forgive so, we may live in unity with one another. The more I see God, the more I reflect upon my true identity. When I look at myself in the light of God’s love, the more I comprehend the darkness and war waging inside the false self, I portray to others around me. The light overcomes my night, and the darkness flees for the light bringing freedom from the ever-present fears that control and manipulate us. When I saw God, the little world I created shook to the core, and it humbled me, but it also provided me with the faith and confidence to face whatever comes my way.

I contemplate that paradise is all around me as I open my eyes to see the resurrected Christ in the glorious light of a billion hot stars. We are joined with him forever moment by moment by the Holy Spirit. (CAC)

We behold the glory of God, revealed to us, and with every breath, and every step we take, the Son shines in us. The beauty of the resurrected Christ and His presence in our life transforms every aspect of our being. We shine as bright as the sun; we don’t realize it until we see God in dazzling glory and calling us sons and daughters of His kingdom. (God is one of us!)Any time you’re feeling down, look up and see God high and lifted up and His train filling the temple.

In the year that king Uzziah died I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up; and his train filled the temple. Isaiah 6:1 ASV

Image via Pixabay