thomaszimmerThe mystery and paradox of life are the belief we exist autonomous of everything in the world and then the unbelievable possibility that there is a God that transcends the universe.

The Christian faith declares because I am spiritually blind and believe the world centers around me I am unaware of God’s presence and love. Salvation is a gift of having my spiritual eyes open, so I perceive life beyond my human perspective. It is a gift in action that reclaims the image of God in me so I may unite my heart and mind with His. The spirit of God through the revelation of Christ is alive and present in me.

The kingdom of Heaven is no longer out there somewhere, or someplace I will go to when I die because the resurrected Christ lives in my heart here and now. Luke declares, “The kingdom of God is within you.” God’s spirit is a permanent resident residing and dwelling in me.

The divine mystery is I am a partaker of Gods spirit no longer autonomous but entirely enveloped in His presence. I am not God, but I am more than just flesh and blood. I no longer live isolated and alienated from the Creator. I live in harmony with God and creation. I no longer am just a drop of water in the ocean of God’s love, but the ocean of God’s love is in me. I am one in Christ. I live in His presence, and I am one with Him. I am the reflection of Him and live with eternity in my heart.

The prison door of my soul is now open, and I am bound no longer in the darkness, but now walk in the marvelous light of His love.

Photo:Thomas Zimmer